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          About us

          In July 2015 IceStar was born out of a need to find quality affordably priced products aimed at educating and keeping our children stimulated. We strongly believe in education and as such did our best to find toys and games that encouraged development and growth through the one thing that all kids love to do...... Play!

          As our children grew we found that more and more businesses were importing and selling toys, so we opted to diversify and started the manufacture and supply of custom, personalized and branded toys,  products and clothes aimed at both the consumer and corporate markets. Although we have have largely moved away from the supply and sales of mass produced toys we still do, every now and then however, find something that we think that our customers might enjoy just as much as our family does.

          Our goal is to help you and those close to your hearts make those special moments more memorable with our bespoke product offering.

          For our corporate customers we offer affordable, high quality branded gifts and products which will help to endear your brand to your customers.

          You can purchase on-line via this site, connect via our social media profiles or you can visit us in Durban North by appointment.  

          Our workshop and store are open Mon-Fri, if you would like to visit us please schedule an appointment on our calendar.

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